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... with the Pinel law or free investment

When you invest in a Franco Suisse residence, you give priority to residences located in renowned cities in Ile-de-France region, which ensure a good heritage value to your real estate investment.
Choosing Franco Suisse is choosing the refined architectures, top-quality materials, well-designed plans and high-quality appointments. Since 1963, the notoriety of Franco Suisse is based on this quality requirement.
The low interest rates and the application of the Pinel Law constitute favourable conditions for investing in real estate. In fact, high-range real estate (with or without the Pinel law) will be the safest and most sustainable investment.
With the Pinel law*, it is now possible to get offered a tax rebate of up to 21% of the property purchase price, representing up to 63,000€ of income tax reduction over 12 years. The investor can commit himself under certain conditions for 6 or 9 years and then renew once for 3 years. He also can rent the property to one of his ascendants or descendants.

Failure to comply with the rental commitments will result in the loss of the tax incentives advantage. The PINEL law is included in the measurement of global ceiling on some tax benefits. The economic balance of a rental investment may be subject to risks related to the decrease or loss of rental income (decrease of market rent, vacancy, unpaid debts), to the changes in condominium fees and to the changes in real estate market at the end of the rent commitment.

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