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The Franco Suisse team


Precious handiwork

Our Villas are shaped, decorated, and sublimated by the CRAFTMEN’S HANDIWORK.
In a world marked by industrial repetition, the Villas thus affirm an authentic and durable nature.

Timeless know-how always in tune with the times

Some of the rough stones are carved with art to form cornices, balustrades, lintels, original pediments... This phase is carried out by craftsmen specialized in the handling of diamond point or round-tipped chisels, gouges, mash hammers and scutches.

The shaping of complex building blocks sometimes requires the use of a robotic stone-carving system. This sophisticated technology allows to view the block in 3D and zoom in on each of its aspects. It also allows millimetric shaping.

A wooden sky and a concrete shell

It is then necessary to install the "wooden sky" of the building, which is actually the structure. This operation requires first of all to translate the architect's intentions into a specific plan, and it is then carried out manually by the Master Carpenter himself. If zinc is chosen, it is positioned with a scriber tool and cut with shears. If a slate roof is chosen, it is placed using a hook.

At Franco Suisse, the roof break (the lower part of a mansard roof) is also systematically placed on a modern concrete shell, which provides acoustic and thermal comfort. A hip knob is usually placed on top of the building.

handmade ornamentations

Precise handiwork for shaping
sophisticated places...