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Connected Apartment

With Franco Suisse, you will purchase an apartment in which you will be able to control, program and automate some equipments (available on a selection of residences only). The heating, the roller shutters and the smoke detector are included in your apartment basic package. You will need an Internet subscription and a tablet or a smartphone.

If you so wish, you can add other SOMFY compatible connected equipments, as from delivery or later, since our home automation system is upgradable according to your needs.
All these equipments will be connected to your tablet or smartphone via a simple application easy to use by everyone.

What can you do with the basic package?
With the home automation box integrated into your electrical panel, you will be able to:

  • 1 Regulate your apartment temperature
  • 2 Control your roller shutters
  • 3 Be alerted if smoke is detected
  • 4 Check your energy consumption
  • 5 Create your scenarios

What is the TaHoma® box?

The TaHoma® home automation box is the heart of your connected housing. It is integrated into the electrical panel and is connected to your ADSL box. TaHoma® gives you access to a control interface. This application is so intuitive that the whole family can use it from a smarphone or a tablet.

TaHoma® is an upgradable application to which you can easily add new features and equipments, and from which you can access many services.