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The Franco Suisse team

Our story

Franco Suisse was founded in 1963 by a Swiss mason. Our core values were established at the outset: quality, elegance, and longevity. The very first residence we built, called “Les Roses Rouges”, reflected those principles perfectly. It included only three apartments.

Soon after we built “Villa Astrid”, named after our founder's daughter. Every Franco Suisse residence built since has been given a feminine first name.

From the very beginning, each Franco Suisse villa has been a genuine conception, an emotion taking shape in brick and mortar through a meticulous process. For 50 years, Franco Suisse has helped create the urban landscape of the greater Paris region. Our creations are part of the regional heritage. Furthermore, we always build our residences in active, dynamic towns and cities.


Contracting is a passion at Franco Suisse. It was the case for our founder, and over the decades we have developed expertise in many areas. First and foremost, we know how to make our residences fit seamlessly into their local environment. Each development reflects the colors, lines, and character of the neighborhood.

Franco Suisse is also known for our expertise in top-quality materials. Numerous facades are made of natural stone from the Noyant quarries in the Soisson region of Picardy.

We also use Moca stone for our wall bases, and marble or other decorative stone for certain interiors. Traditional slate and zinc are also frequently included. Franco Suisse is widely recognized for expertise in high-performance contemporary materials.

Our values

Franco Suisse strives for excellence. This fundamental value drives us to ensure the top quality and longevity of our residences. It is reflected in our search for continuous improvement in all fields. 

This philosophy has kept Franco Suisse ahead of our time. Since the company was created, our guiding values include a human dimension, permanence, and concern for the environment. We select technologies and the equipment best suited for each period.

Thanks to this approach, Franco Suisse can offer remarkable comfort to our clients. Time is our ally. As the years go by, our residencies continuously increase in value, and they have become classics in the urban landscape of the greater Paris region.